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UFC Fight Island 2: Figueiredo vs. Benavidez 2

At first he won, but he didn't win. Deiveson Figueiredo (18-1 in MMA, 7-1 in the UFC) is known as “Deus da Guerra”, translating the nickname also in his usual performance inside the octagon. The fighter from Ilha de Marajó had the opportunity of life in the first fight against Benavidez, having the chance to win the title denied when he failed to beat the weight of the division to 56.7kg. Even so, there was combat, where Deiveson knocked out his opponent. In addition to this, other relevant victories for the Brazilian are against John Moraga and Alexandre Pantoja.

A good fighter, Deiveson is for the flyweight an athlete with a high rate of interruptions. Quite aggressive, the Paraense has one of the heaviest fists in the category, attacking very well when advancing and also counter-kicking. Figueiredo's movement is a strong point, showing the ability to dodge opponent blows with some ease. With some training at Team Alpha Male, Deiveson shows quality by varying the game, with evolution in wrestling - he even brought down Benavidez in the first fight -, allied to the black belt of jiu-jitsu and dangerous strangles. Never having fought five rounds in his UFC career, counting on an always heavy weight cut, it is a doubt if the Brazilian manages to maintain a sufficient pace for 25 minutes, but this is usually not necessary for him.

The eternal challenger, Joseph Benavidez (28-6 in MMA, 15-4 in the UFC) goes for his fifth attempt to obtain a title in an organization of great expression. In the UFC there were three chances, he gave up the fight in the first and was knocked out in the other two. Even though he did not obtain the division's gold, Benavidez always placed himself as the second strength of the category and is one of the few who can say that he beat Henry Cejudo, former champion of the event. In this rematch, he seeks to win the belt that can reward a great career, which is already showing signs of exhaustion.

Fighter with more fights in flyweight, Benavidez has always shown competence in all aspects of MMA, suffering from being contemporary with one of the greatest geniuses the sport has ever seen in the same weight range. With a background in wrestling, Benavidez performs takedowns with ease, has an excellent ground and pound and performs very well in scrambles. Boxing is technical and powerful, applied at a high pace and aided by occasional low kicks. Already 35 years old and with a lot of fighting time on his back, Benavidez shows some natural worsening due to his age and his chin has left him in a hand in some opportunities.

First of all, it is very nice to see that the category of flies has been undergoing an adequate renewal in recent times, increasingly distancing itself from the moments when we imagined that the worst would happen. Regarding the fight, I do not believe that we will have much difference from what happened in the first duel. It is better that Deiveson manage this time to beat his first opponent, which is a cut in weight, but once he has won that stage he must win the knockout against Benavidez in the first half of the fight.