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Boxing: Eggington vs. Cheeseman

Boxing: Eggington vs. Cheeseman

The Matchroom Fight Camp starts in the first round.  Sam Eggington and Ted Cheeseman will meet on Saturday at their country house in Essex (Sky Sport Action transmits from 7:00 p.m, The main event will start close to 10:00 p.m). 

British duels

The first event of the Matchroom Fight Camp is all about the inner-British struggles.  In the main fight, Sam Eggington (28-6-0, 17 KOs) and Ted Cheeseman (15-2-1, 9 KOs) are two battle-proven men who are involved in a lot.  A defeat could mean the end of all international ambitions for both.  

At stake is Eggington's IBF International Title in super welterweight, which, however, is at most interesting for those involved in that it ensures a good placement in the ranking there.

Both boxers showed themselves in an appropriate form at today's weighing and undercut the required limit of 69.853 kg.  James Tennyson (26-3-0, 22 KOs) and Gavin Gwynne (12-1-0, 2 KOs), who will duel tomorrow for the lightweight British title, were also well prepared and exceeded the weight to be met for them (61.235  kg) not.  

In the third title fight of the evening, the weighing procedure was rather mandatory, because Fabio Wardley (8-0-0, 7 KOs, 101.6 kg) and Simon Vallily (17-2-1, 7 KOs, 101.8 kg) kick  in the heavyweight division.  For them, it's about the vacant English Title.

The remaining results of the weighing:

Featherweight - Jordan Gill 57.0kg vs.  Reece Bellotti 56.8 kg

Lightweight - Dalton Smith 63.7kg vs.  Nathan Bennett 63.5 kg