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Boxing: Whyte v Povetkin

Boxing: Whyte v Povetkin

Alexander Povetkin was one of the top 10 heavyweights of the past decade.  He is now 40 years old but showed he still has some legitimate skills to be able to surprise Dillian Whyte on Saturday.  

Even though Povetkin has won only once in his last three fights, and although he failed in his two challenges for the world title, he still has the power and technical acumen that earned him the  Olympic gold medal 16 years ago.

But Whyte apparently he's the best fighter right now.  And he's very motivated to continue his 11-game winning streak.  

He's been a mandatory number one challenger for one of the sanctioning bodies for almost three years, and he's tired of waiting to face Deontay Wilder (when he was the belt holder) and Tyson Fury (who  now has this gem).

Whyte However, he's not always in the best shape and has been caught up with hits and downed before.  Povetkin has the energy to kick him out if Whyte isn't prepared for him.