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Brentford vs Fulham, Championship play-off final 2020

Brentford and Fulham are the two names to enter the final match to determine the ticket to play in the Premier League next season.  The confrontation between the two teams of this London capital is considered to be a balance of talent and much to wait for.

First, the way that both Brentford and Fulham defeat rivals Swansea and Cardiff is completely convincing.  If Brentford impressed with a comeback with a total score of 3-2 after losing 0-1 in the first leg, then Fulham showed strength compared to Cardiff when defeating this opponent with the score 2  -1 final.

Brentford vs Fulham, EFL Championship Play-Off

On the Championship table, Brentford and Fulham also took the high rankings (Tuesday), only after the names Leeds and West Brom - the teams have won tickets to the official promotion.

If the audience raises the question of what to expect from this confrontation, then please say that Brentford and Fulham have incredible balances.  Both have the same score of 81 after 44 rounds.  In terms of the history of confrontation, Brentford won 22 victories, and Fulham had 21 times to defeat the opponent.  The two teams have 17 draws in a total of 60 matches played.

However, that is not all that was described in the million dollar encounter.  At the Championship, Brentford ranks above Fulham even though both have the same score for a reason.

First, coach Thomas Frank's army has scored 16 more goals than their opponent.  Brentford has conceded 80 goals this season (the most in the First Division), while Fulham is modest with 68 shots.

Brentford's defense also proved to be more effective with only 38 times for the opponent to score (ranked second in the First Division in terms of goals lost), this figure of Fulham is 48.

Comments Brentford vs Fulham

With the above-mentioned defensive stats, it is understandable that Brentford won in both Fulham clashes this season.

A notable bullet for anyone who wants to bet or make predictions in this confrontation is that in both the defeat of Brentford this season, Fulham have never scored a goal.  Brentford beat Fulham 1-0 at Griffin Park, and the team went on to win 2-0 on a trip to Craven Cottage in June.

In summary, in addition to the score and the confrontation record in the history of relatively balanced, in terms of form, Brentford is clearly showing better than the opponent in the upcoming match.

So what can Fulham rely on in the deciding confrontation at Wembley, perhaps that is the experience of the team that has participated in the Premier League many times.

In addition, Fulham also owns most of the squad that has had time to fight in the highest division of England.  On their training bench is also the name that has for many years been a pillar at London clubs in particular and NHA in general, which is young coach Scott Parker.

Comments Brentford vs Fulham

Parker is the teammate of Frank Lampard.  A year ago, Lampard also went from the Championship to the Premier League.  Currently one of Parker's teammates is making certain progress in his coaching career at Chelsea.

Like Lampard, Parker aims to advance to the top of the English league, though he is just a toddler building a coaching career.  If Fulham succeed, the confrontation between Frank Lampard and Scott Parker will be worth the wait for next season.

The desire to reach higher levels is understandable for both excellent representatives from the First Division, but the promotion ticket is only one.  It will belong to a team that can make a stronger assertion for that desire.

The answer will be at 19:45 pm Tuesday - August 4.

Force information

- Brentford: Karelis was not involved due to an injury.

- Fulham: Kebano, Mitrovic left the possibility to play. 

Brentford is having a successful 2019/20 season when finishing in third place in the English First Division with 81 points. There was a little regret that Brentford was just below the top 2, the group promoted directly to 2 points and had pity to attend the play off round to search for a promotion ticket.

Returning to the semi-finals of the playoffs, coach T. Frank's team continued to be formidable when they beat Swansea 3-2, thereby winning tickets to the final at Wembley. .

However, a stable performance is not enough for fans to fully trust Brentford in the final tonight. Because their opponent in the match tonight is the stubborn name Fulham.

In terms of form, the London team is not inferior to the opponent when they won 6, drew 2 and lost only 1 in the last 9 matches, in which Asian team won 7 matches and lost 1 time.

It is worth mentioning that Fulham is too familiar with the pressure of the play off final - the most expensive match on the planet. With a rich experience and a stable performance, Fulham is not too inferior to Brentford and does not Unexpectedly, if the play off final will need more than 90 minutes to determine the winner.
Brentford vs Fulham, Championship play-off final 2020