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FA Final: AFC vs CFC

It is absolutely no surprise that Chelsea are the better bet than Arsenal in the battle to win the FA Cup this season.  

This is the season where the team, led by coach Frank Lampard, has played well. In addition to reaching the FA Cup final, Chelsea also completed the goal of being in the top 4 in the Premier League rankings.

Chelsea vs Arsenal

However, any final will always contain many surprises and the "upper door" is always skeptical about the possibility of winning. Arsenal finished 10th in the Premier League table, but in the FA Cup front, they were not inferior to Chelsea.

If the Blues overtake Liverpool, Leicester and Man United in turn to make it to the final, the Gunners will have a lifetime performance in the semi-finals.

Meeting Manchester City, few thought Mikel Arteta's teachers and students had a chance, but on a day of explosive competition, The Gunners fell to Blue Man to be present in the final match.

And the most important reason, to put faith in Arsenal, is the achievement in the FA Cup playing field. Since the early 2000s, Arsenal and Chelsea have had 10 encounters in the FA Cup and Carling Cup playgrounds. As a result, the London Gunners took advantage with 5 victories, 2 draws and 3 defeats.

If only in the FA Cup, the two teams have also faced 6 times since 2002 until now, Chelsea has only once enjoyed the joy of winning and receiving up to 4 defeats. Chelsea's only victory took place 11 years ago, in the 2009 season.

Chelsea vs Arsenal

Unlike other encounters, Arsenal vs Chelsea is always an attractive, dramatic match with double attacks, tit for tat.

So it is not surprising that the last 5 matches the two teams met in the FA Cup have 3 or more goals. That is the basis to believe that this match will also take place with the same scenario and Tai is the optimal choice.