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Celtic was favored a lot in the opening round of the Scottish league this season, when this team only faced a very small Hamilton.  

Last season, while Celtic was the champion, Hamilton was ranked in the bottom group and only survived relegation due to the suspension of the tournament due to Covid-19.

Victory is the only thing Celtic aims to face Hamilton, even if it is a merciless destruction. Looking at the past confrontation between Hamilton and Celtic in the past is enough to understand, when Hamilton has the best performance is a draw, the rest are very heavy losses.

The next point that makes Hamilton feel extremely afraid in the next match is that Celtic has the advantage of playing at home. In the past season, only the Rangers have earned points here, the rest of the opponents marching to Celtic Park are empty.

Hamilton clearly had no door to compare with Celtic, from the past to the next match. Investors can then confidently put the winnings in the hands of the home team.