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SPFL: Hibs vs Kilm

Last season, Hibernian, despite his relentless efforts, could only finish the season in 7th place in the rankings.  

They had high hopes of competing for a spot in the top group, but Covid-19 caused the tournament to be completed early and dispelled the hopes of Mr. Ross's teachers and students.

However, Hibernian was not discouraged. They immediately added many quality players to be able to fulfill the goals that they have set. The opening match of the season will be a test to see how big this team's determination is.

In this battle, Hibernian is taking advantage of the field, when they are playing at Rugby Park. Here, Mr. Ross's teachers and students always won important points, like last season, they won 10 victories and received only 4 defeats.

Meanwhile, rival Kilmarnock himself is not the name that makes Hibernian ominous. As in the past season, Hibernian even achieved a full victory record against this opponent.

Looking at the above odds statistics , it is not difficult to see that all advantages are in favor of Hibernian. There was no basis for Kilmarnock thinking of making a surprise in this fight.

Hibernian vs Kilmarnock

Remember last season, Kilmarnock made fans really worried when their defense exposed too many holes. However, up to now, there has been no move to improve the situation. This was the reason why the Hibernian hosts thought of a gap victory in the upcoming match.