UCL: Atalanta vs PSG

PSG has acquired all titles in the domestic arena, but the biggest goal of teachers and students Thomas Tuchel is to win the Champions League.  This is the trophy that the Ligue 1 champions have always craved in the past few seasons.
After defeating Dortmund in the eighth round, PSG will meet Atalanta in the quarterfinals.  This is not an easy match for the French team, because their opponents possess a wild play when attacking passionately to make up for mistakes in the defense.  This season, Atalanta is one of the clubs scoring the most goals in Europe.

Latest, PSG has closed the list of matches with Atalanta in the quarter-finals of the 2019/20 Champions League, suddenly happened when striker Kylian Mbappe was present and Verratti did not.  Mbappe has recovered quickly to go with his teammates to Portugal, it is not clear whether he has the strength to play from the beginning or not.

The fact that Marco Verratti was not on the list of matches before Atalanta was a big loss for PSG, the Italian player who was injured just before the match.  Verratti is considered the conductor of PSG's gameplay, he is the man who connects the middle line and the attack line of the Prince's Park team.

If overcoming Atalanta, PSG will meet the winning team in the Atletico Madrid vs RB Leipzig pair in the semi-finals.  In general, the door to play the finals is quite bright with Tuchel teachers and students.