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UCL: Barça vs Baÿern

UEFA Champions League has selected 8 teams in the quarterfinals and the most awaited match is Barcelona-Bayern Munich.  Meanwhile, PSG, Atletico and Man City have a great opportunity to continue. 

The round of eighth round of the Champions League has broken up with many big teams.  Chelsea could not come upstream against Bayern Munich, while Juventus, despite winning Lyon, was eliminated by away goals.

Real Madrid was appreciated but continued to lose more defeat to Man City and was eliminated with a total loss of 2-4.  Barcelona showed experience in the Champions League when they convincingly beat Napoli 3-1 and appeared in the quarterfinals with a total of 4-2.

In the quarter-finals of the Champions League this year, all major soccer backgrounds are represented.  Barcelona has Barcelona, ​​Atletico, France contributing two representatives, Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and Lyon, Germany, similar to Bayern Munich and Leipzig.

He has only Man City and Italy contributes to Atalanta.  The quarterfinals were drawn before the return of the eighth round of the Champions League and compared to every year, teams only played 1 match on a neutral ground in Portugal.

The German-Spanish Great War in the quarterfinals received special attention from the fans.  Atletico, after eliminating champions Liverpool, will play Leipzig, which has grown to become a big club in the Bundesliga over the years.

Experience in the Champions League arena helps Atletico to be appreciated.  However, Leipzig is a typical German team, playing disciplined and quite comprehensive in both defense and attack.

The Great War of Barcelona-Bayern Munich brought many liabilities.  Barcelona beat Bayern 6-1 in the quarterfinals of 2009 and to the semi-finals in 2013, "Gray Lobster" regrets with a total score of 7-0.  In the 2015 season, Barcelona surpassed Bayern Munich when they won the final 5-3.

Compared to the confrontation 5 years ago, Barcelona was somewhat underestimated when they were too dependent on Messi and Bayern had a pretty uniform team.  The remarkable detail is that after 3 matches in the last knockout match, the winning team in the Barcelona-Bayern Munich pair won the championship.

PSG met Atalanta and the French representative was full of opportunities to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League for the first time after nearly 25 years.  Man City can not be subjective before Lyon, the team is full of annoyance and has just attracted attention when excluding Juventus.

According to the draw results, the winning team in the PSG-Atalanta and Atletico-Leipzig pair met in the semi-finals.  The other branch, Bayern-Barcelona faced Man City-Lyon in the semi-finals.  With only one match on a neutral field, the Champions League quarter-finals this year promises to be extremely unpredictable.