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UCL: Bayern vs OL

Bayern Munich will face Lyon in the first semi-final where Hansi Flick and his students aim for the final after 7 years of waiting. But Rudi Garcia's Lyon is ready to create the next seismic in a neutral pitch in Lisbon when he eliminated Juve and mighty Man City

Olympique Lyon - Champions League

Bayern Munich became the first team in Champions League history to score eight goals in a knockout round match, and remember Barcelona haven't beaten six in any league since 1951 and haven't conceded. 8 goals in a single game since 1946. Thomas Muller became the first player in Champions League history to score 6 goals in his career against Barcelona. Bayern will go to their 12th CL semi-final, currently just one time behind Real Madrid's all-time lead. Robert Lewandowski, scoring in his eighth in a row, currently holds the record for the second longest streak in CL history, just three games behind Cristiano Ronaldo's No. 11. Talking about the match between Lewandowski vs Ronaldo, Lewy has had his 50th goal in CL after 60 matches in his career, only Ronaldo has reached the milestone of 50 goals faster. Bayern Munich has now won 19 consecutive games in all competitions and that is a record for German clubs. Hansi Flick became the third coach to win the first six CL games after Fabio Capello against AC Milan in 1992/93 and Luis Fernandez with Paris Saint-Germain in 1994/95.

Olympique Lyon - Champions League

With a 5-3-2 chart, Lyon uses a large number of forces to harass and disturb Man City's midfield whenever they have the ball. This prevents The Citizens from providing fluency and ball rotation, and prevents Pep's system from creating 2-on-1 situations on the wings. De Bruyne was unable to move to positions where he could support his striker, and with him struggling to make an impact, City's attacking line was in turmoil. Maxwell Cornet is particularly strong on the defensive side, using his predictability and good physicality to turn the left space of the Lyon defense into a penalty area and this is where Thomas Muller likes to make an impact - the match Battle between him and Cornet will be a key one on Wednesday. Lyon will certainly bring Bayern Munich a lot of problems because Rudi Garcia has prepared two plans to disable and eliminate Manchester City, option 1 involves the scenario of Lyon playing equal to the opponent. The entire team pushed up cautiously, getting ahead of their third and directly scrambled for the ball with the opposing midfield. Any ball won is immediately sent to attackers, either by raising it on the field or passing a ball over to the striker. Or then Lyon immediately gave up and arranged for a low-middle-level squad, with the forwards pressed Man City defenders and retreating back to defense when needed. This system makes the defense more stable, and also preserves the strength of the midfielders of Lyon because it requires less running thereby defeating Man City 3-1 in the last quarter-finals very convincingly.