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UCL Qualifying : Celtic vs KR

Celtic continued to dominate the Scottish league last season. They were crowned champions with a 13-point distance from the runner-up team. The strength of this collective is undeniable.

This season, Celtic also had an impressive start with a 5-1 win over Hamilton. However, this champion's defeat was underestimated. When they met their more difficult opponent, Kilmarnock, they immediately showed a standstill.

Celtic vs KR

On the other side of the field, KR was underestimated from the opponent. But remember, they are the defending champions of the Icelandic league.

In the last 9 matches, this team only had to receive exactly 1 loss. It is impossible to create a victory with a 4-goal difference against them.

Remember in 2014, these two teams also met each other. The biggest victory that Celtic created was 3-0.