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UEL: Aberdeen vs NSI

The second qualifying round of the Europa League has many pairs of relatively different matches, this is inevitable when most of the participating teams come from countries with low football levels that NSI Runavik is an example of. This team comes from the Faroe Island, one of the football backgrounds in the lowlands of Europe.

Aberdeen vs NSI Runavik

So whether made surprise defeat of Wales Barry Town United with the score 5-1 deep, but experts soi dealer agreement does not appreciate the possibility of NSI Runavik go by qualifying 2nd They have to face a more classy Aberdeen and are in good shape.

In the Scottish league, Aberdeen is playing very well with 2 recent victories. Since the beginning of the tournament, they have only lost one match, with a minimum score of 0-1 against the big man Rangers and have 3 wins after 4 matches. This is Aberdeen's best start in five years on the domestic front.

On the European playground, this is the sixth consecutive season Aberdeen has won the right to participate in the Europa League. In the last 5 seasons, they have reached the group stage twice and have played relatively successfully. This season, Aberdeen is also expected to be in the group stage, so a rival like NSI Runavik is not a big obstacle for them.