UFC 252: Miocic vs. Cormier 3 - Main Fight Preview

UFC 252: Miocic vs. Cormier 3 - Main Fight Preview

A streak of six wins, five by knockout, including the record for three consecutive belt defenses, came to a violent end for Miocic (19-3 in MMA, 13-3 in the UFC) in 2018. The UFC conceded an immediate rematch against Cormier and the Croatian descendant was once again approaching defeat when he took an epic turnaround, taking the much-coveted prize back to Cleveland.

Since it appeared in 2011, Miocic has always been considered a talent, despite some skating. When he established himself, he established himself as one of the most talented fighters in the history of the category, with the classic style of the American boxing school plus wrestling. Stipe has a mobility well above the average of the big guys, is skilled in combinations (his versatility will be key in this fight), has decision-making power in his fists and uses intelligent approaches to change levels and take the duels to the ground. There, he initiates a torture session for his rivals with a violent ground and pound , taking advantage of excellent positional control.

There were seven straight victories, if we consider null the loss that was unsuccessful when Jones fell in the anti-doping of UFC 214, until Cormier (22-2 in MMA, 11-2 in UFC) saw a victory that was designed to become a nightmare in the rematch with Miocic. In this time, he became the second champion of two categories simultaneously, before giving up the light heavyweight belt and the aggressive weight cut.

With the speed with which he learned MMA, one wonders what kind of fighter Cormier would have become if he made the transition after the 2004 Olympic semifinal, giving up the Beijing cycle. Giant talent wrestler , DC makes the go-behind as rare in the new sport. Specialist in catching his back, with enormous use on the ground, facing him in the grappling fight is something for people of his suit. However, the citizen has still become a fast kickboxer , with very tough footprints and the ability to attack on several levels. If Miocic is a classic representative of American MMA, Cormier carries in his blood the style that made his team famous, the American Kickboxing Academy. Seeing him in action serves to diminish the longing for a healthy Cain Velasquez.

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A week after an unfortunate main event, it's time to see what the heavyweight division has to offer.

In almost every way, Cormier is a better fighter. His wrestling is fundamentally superior to that of Miocic. As a striker , Daniel has the versatility of kickboxing to deal with the slightly more predictable boxing of the defending champion. Although it does not seem, Cormier is at least as mobile as Stipe. At one point they look alike: defensive problems. In another, Stipe seems to have an advantage: in cardiorespiratory conditioning.

The old phrase from legendary trainer Paul “Bear” Bryant must be the factor in this fight. Defenses bring titles. The difficulty that Miocic shows when pressed gave Cormier a knockout. The exposure of the waist line paved the way for Stipe's interruption. Who managed to learn the lessons better? We can say that neither, which makes this trilogy very balanced. It is not new that they explore the abdominal bulge of DC (Jones, Gustafsson and even Anderson Silva old). Miocic was already confessing to the crime at UFC 241 before the turnaround, in the same way that Daniel and Cigano himself once explored.

For this reason, I will not bet on any of them closing their loopholes. As the fight will take place in the smaller octagon, Cormier will have facilitated the work of shortening and fighting "in the face" of Miocic. However, more than ever, you should bet on a diagonal approach, leaving the shoulder of the jab creating protection for your waist line. And don't spend so much time changing in the short. Daniel needs fast entries to apply equally fast drops - nothing to show himself to the public and to Miocic lifting his rival over his shoulders, so as not to wear himself out. Glue on the trunk after a jab - uppercut , waist, pass the foot from behind and fall on top in the riding position always trying to catch the back to tighten the champion 's neck.

Miocic's fists must act at high volume to hinder the challenger's approach. Along with this, I play legs varying directions, looking for angles to reach Cormier's weak point. Varying straight and curved punches and working the waist line in the same combinations of punches to the head is the key to maintaining the belt in Cleveland. If the takedown defense is up to date, Miocic can take advantage of Cormier's approach and force him to switch for longer. It is risky, perhaps Cormier will not repeat the bad decisions of the last fight, but it is a path.

All of these possibilities are very concrete, which is why the odds are so even. How do we stay? Cormier after a war lady.