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AFC Ajax Amsterdam (2020/21)

The 2019-20 season is the first time in Dutch football history that a champion has not been identified. However, with the first place, Ajax does not need to attend the qualifying round and is still present in the group stage of the Champions League. With the determination to have the throne in this season, of course Ajax will aim for a good result on the upcoming release day. In front of an inferior opponent like Sparta Rotterdam, there is no reason why teacher teacher Erik ten Hag lost points.

In the current Dutch National Championship, Sparta Rotterdam is just a group that is underestimated in terms of strength. Last season, after 26 rounds, Sparta Rotterdam also brought only 33 points and 11 place in the standings. Before this tournament started, Sparta Rotterdam had 5 friendly matches and with the result were 3 draws and 2 losses. The achievement clearly signals an unpleasant season for Sparta Rotterdam in the near future. Sparta Rotterdam is a name that often brings joy to Ajax in recent seasons. The last 7 times in the Eredivisie framework, Ajax won. Last season, Ajax defeated Sparta Rotterdam in both matches, which included 4-1 in the first leg and 2-1 in the return leg. Obviously with a lower class than the opponent, failure is an inevitable scenario with Sparta Rotterdam.

It is not difficult to confirm that Ajax is a monument of Dutch football to the present time. Last season, the Dutch National Championship was forced to end early. Ajax, although leading the rankings at the end of the season, was not recognized as the champion. The difficulty is there with Ajax when they have lost 2 top stars Hakim Ziyech and Donny van de Beek. The nostalgia for Hakim Ziyech and Donny van de Beek is real for their contributions to Ajax's success. Just last season, Hakim Ziyech left his mark in 27 goals, including 9 goals, 18 assists. The same number for Donny van der Beek is 10 goals, 9 times assisting teammates on the scoreboard. Of course, Ajax still has a very high quality and deep squad. In the last 4 matches as a guest at Sparta Rotterdam, Ajax won and even won.