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Club Friendly: Liverpool vs Blackpool

The friendly match with Blackpool will be a review match of Liverpool before officially entering the Premier League 2020/21. With class and a team of outstanding depth, the victory belongs to Liverpool is the result predicted by the fans.

However, with the mentality of both kicking and keeping strength for the opening match with Leeds United in the opening match of the Premier League, the fans do not expect too much Liverpool will have a separate victory against the English second division team.

Because the port city team does not have a reliable performance at this time when they have just had 2 matches without knowing victory. For investors, they have to be more careful because Liverpool lost to Asia in both games above.

On the other side of the field, Blackpool again showed that they were a good address when they were unbeaten in the last 4/5 matches. In which they drew 1 representative from the Premier League, Everton.