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EFL: Barnsley vs Luton

Both Barnsley and Luton Town must be very lucky to be able to escape death and successfully relegated last season. However, the two teams probably do not want to continue living in fear. Therefore, they will try to find themselves as many points as possible in the early stages to create an advantage. With having to meet each other in the first round, which name will be fun.

It seemed impossible to escape the death penalty last season, but Barnsley was unexpectedly relegated. Specifically, they gave themselves 49 points after 46 rounds and only 1 point higher than the relegation group. In fact, Barnsley could not rely on all luck, as they also played their best at the end of the season. The proof is that Barnsley only lost 1 match in the last 5 rounds. In which 2 decisive wins in the last two matches of the official season helped Barnsley successfully relegate. A spectacular escape from the death penalty certainly helps Barnsley play more cautiously this season. Overall, Barnsley's performance lately has been quite good. When the last 7 matches won 3, drew 2 and lost only 2. It is worth mentioning that both of those defeats were defeats against strong opponents Leeds United and Newcastle.

Similar to his opponent, Luton Town also successfully escaped in the final race of the season. In particular, the visitors brought home 51 points after 46 rounds and 19th place in the standings. Their achievements come from 14 wins, 9 draws and 23 losses. Especially, Luton Town is one of the two teams with a terrible defense in the tournament with 82 conceding times. However, Luton Town is having an impressive momentum run towards the new season. Specifically, they have won all 5 last appearances. Even the visitors are unbeaten until the last 9/10 matches in all competitions. Recently, they even defeated Norwich 3-1 in the League Cup playground. Obviously confidence is what Luton Town has in abundance right now.