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EFL: Coventry City vs QPR

Just a wet-footed rookie stepped onto the English First Class playground, so it was not too surprising that Coventry City had to immediately embrace Bristol City on the opening day. In this match, Coventry City will be returned to a familiar home to welcome QPR. However, in front of an experienced and brave opponent, will this rookie bring me the first points.

Last season, Coventry City also played in the League One playground, but the impressive performance helped them get a prestigious promotion ticket. Due to the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, Coventry City had to play only 34 games before the tournament had to be stopped early. With 67 points, Coventry City is completely worthy of the promotion ticket. When they are 5 points ahead of the team and play less than 1 match. Their specific achievements come from 18 wins, 13 draws and only 3 defeats left. To prepare for the tough journey in this season, Coventry City has participated in up to 5 friendly matches, in which the home team won 3 and lost 2. However, things were not really smooth when entering the season. official prize. Because at the start of the match, Coventry City embraced the hatred on the mecca of Bristol City (1-2). They then stopped in the League Cup when they ran into Gillingham. Moving into the second round, Coventry's goal is, of course, towards victory. But before a QPR is evaluated experience and bravery, that task is not really easy.

Compared to his opponent, QPR is of course a more reputable team. Obviously, the very long years of fighting in the Premier League are enough to show the strength and bravery of the visitors. Last season, QPR finished 13th in the final standings with 58 points after 46 rounds. That achievement includes 16 wins, 10 draws and up to 20 defeats. It is of course an achievement that does not satisfy QPR fans and they will have to work hard towards the promotion ticket. Before entering the new season, QPR was suddenly eliminated in the Confederation Cup at the hands of Plymouth. However, it is also a playground that they are not interested in, because as soon as the First Division returns, QPR has made its mark. Clearly a 2-0 win over Nottingham was a truly powerful blow to the visitors towards a successful season.