Tonight, MU entered the match in the fourth round of the British League Cup.  Their opponent is Brighton.  To be present in this round, the Reds gently beat Luton 3-0 in round 3. With Brighton, they won 2-0 at Preston's field.  Within 4 days, MU and the home team Amex met twice.
Last weekend, MU was also a guest at Amex Stadium in the third round of the Premier League 2020/21.  What both teams showed is completely contrary to the predictions of the NHM and experts.  The idea of ​​bringing the strongest squad, the Reds will easily win against Brighton, but in fact it is not so.

MU played extremely stalemate, they could not perform the clear ball phase toward the opponent's goal.  On the contrary, Graham Potter's Brighton is very effective.  Not controlling the ball too much, but "Gulls" continuously put the visitors' goal in danger.

Despite scoring 2 goals in De Gea's net, Brighton has at least 5 times hit the crossbar and the left post.  The home team was also unlucky when in the 90 + 8 minute, when the stoppage time was over, a Brighton player let the ball touch his hand in the penalty area, giving Bruno Fernandes a chance to score on the 11m mark  3-2 for the red half of Manchester.

Brighton vs MU round 4 of the British League Cup
 MU had the first 3 points in the Premier League this season, but it was not a convincing victory.  They even expose many limitations.  If the attacker has not found the necessary link, the defense still reveals too much space for the opponent to exploit.  Before that was a 1-3 defeat at home to Crystal Palace.

MU's defense is having serious problems.  They play too negligently, lack the necessary certainty.  Wan-Bissaka is back but not trusting, Maguire and Lindelof spent a long time together but still could not find a common voice.  On the left wing, Luke Shaw gained weight and was noticeably heavy.

Central midfield pair Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matic are also disappointing.  Many times the duo created space in front of the 16m50 round for Brighton's midfielders to take advantage of.  The Red Devils are waiting for the brilliance of the individuals on the attack and the mistakes of the opponent to hope for the goals.

MU will meet Tottenham in the fourth round of the Premier League, so coach Solskjaer will not be able to use the strongest team against Brighton.  It is likely that the reserve factors such as Eric Bailly, Dalot, Fred, Juan Mata, Jesse Lingard or Ighalo will be given the chance to play from the beginning.  Previously, in the third round, MU team B had many difficulties against Luton.

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