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EFL Cup: FTFC vs Everton

This season, Everton's strength improved significantly after bringing in three bright rookies including Allan, Doucoure and James Rodriguez.  In fact, over the past few years, the Merseyside team has actively spent money on upgrading the team with the ambition to bring the team to new heights.  Even the return of veteran military leader Carlo Ancelotti (from the end of last year) is also part of that plan.

Everton started picking sweet fruits, promising a real molting process this season.  In the opening two rounds of the Premier League 2020/21, the port city team had a taste of victory (defeating Tottenham 1-0 and humiliating West Brom 5-2).  In addition, in the second round of the English League Cup (Carabao Cup), they also easily surpassed the lower division team Salford City 3-0 to advance to the third round.

The next opponent of coach Ancelotti's teachers in the Carabao Cup arena is Fleetwood Town, not much better than Salford City (playing in League Two, meaning 4th place) because Fleetwood is playing in League One (3rd place).  Therefore, it is completely understandable when even being a guest, Everton still accepts up to 1 1/2.

Before such an opponent, it is likely that Carletto will take away many important pillars to prepare for the third round of the Premier League this weekend.  Even so, The Toffees still outperformed Fleetwood because the number of players considered to be substitutes at Everton had more than enough to deal with many Premier League clubs, the situation for a small Fleetwood Town.  They themselves are also very eager to score with coach Ancelotti to compete for the main kick.

With rising excitement, Everton can "make salad" small Fleetwood Town.