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EFL Cup: Fulham vs SWFC

Last season the two teams were in the same Championship, but this season Fulham took a new height when he won the right to play in the Premier League while Sheffield Wednesday still had to stay in the first division.  Not stopping there, Fulham also played at home in the reunion in the third round of the British League Cup.  Here, they defeated Sheffield Wednesday 5-3 in their latest confrontation.

However, despite being somewhat overwhelming, Fulham only accept 1/2, the rate is considered too low to accurately reflect the correlation between the two teams, which means that the home door is not a good choice.  In fact, in the 5-3 victory mentioned above, Fulham only accepted 1/2, but at that time, Fulham's position was lower than now.

The reason is probably because Fulham had a bad start at Premier Leauge 2020/21: could not win any points after the first two rounds.  With what has been shown, Fulham soon listed as a "relegation candidate".  Of course, teacher and coach Scott Parker did not want to quickly return to the Championship after only one season.  Therefore, they understand that the most important goal is to stay in the Premier League and to achieve it, they must accept to sacrifice other arenas in order to put all their strength into the main front.

This weekend Fulham host Aston Villa again at home, but Aston Villa (who has just played in the Premier League since the 2019/20 season, so it's no stranger to Fulham) is clearly just a match for them to win points.  first in the season.

Therefore, there is even more reason to believe that Fulham will decide to let go of the English League Cup.  Moreover, defeating Sheffield Wednesday at this time is not easy when this team is unbeaten from the beginning of the 2020/21 season and wins TLCA in both last away matches.