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EFL Cup: Lincoln vs LFC

This season, Lincoln is playing really well. They won the first 2 rounds in the UK 3rd division and are ranked 2nd on the rankings. To be in the third round of the British League Cup, Lincoln destroyed Bradford 5-0. The public goods of the LNER home team are booming in the early stages of the 2020/21 season.

In good form and excitement after the destruction of Bradford, but it is likely their journey in the League Cup will have to stop. Accordingly, the team playing in the English 3rd Division had to clash with the champions of the Premier League, Liverpool in the third round. This was a too difficult challenge for coach Michael Appleton's army even though they played at LNER Stadium.

Liverpool showed an unstoppable strength in the Premier League last season. They won 7 rounds before, leaving the second ranked team Man City 18 points on the standings. After a long break, it seems that Liverpool's form has not declined.

The start of the new season of coach Jurgen Klopp's teachers and coaches is also very good when they won 4-3 over Leeds United, they also just defeated a strong candidate for the throne, Chelsea in the second round with the score. 2-0.

Certainly Liverpool will not launch the strongest squad in the League Cup, the pillars of the Red Brigade will rest before Lincoln. However, the disparity has not diminished. Accordingly, the B team of the Port city team like Adrian, James Milner, Naby Keita or Takumi Minamino still proved to be completely superior to the team led by coach Michael Appleton. 

Liverpool had to stop in the quarterfinals of the League Cup last season after receiving a 0-5 defeat extremely quickly against the underestimated team Aston Villa, which was the match they played with all set of young players. The Red Brigade will certainly not let that repeat this season, with their proven level, they are fully capable of winning the ticket after this match.
Tonight's confrontation is the first time Lincoln and Liverpool will ever meet. Judgment Lincoln vs Liverpool third round of the British League Cup is tilted towards the visitors, a victory and the next ticket are firmly within the reach of the Port City team.

Liverpool will probably still maintain the familiar Pressing style right after the opening whistle. It will be a row of strong streaks towards Lincoln's goal. With a team that does not have any prominent names in the squad, it is more likely that they just accept the match and receive the final defeat.