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EFL Cup: Shrimps vs Newcastle

In 2013, Newcastle was a guest of Morecambe in the same framework of the English League Cup.  As a result, "Choosing" won 2-0 in the context of the 3/4 handicap.

This match, Newcastle accept deeper (1 1/2), but experts do not believe they can surpass TLCA again (must win with a difference of 2 goals or more), although basically, Newcastle is still bright  the door continues.

In fact, at this time, Newcastle are still fighting in the Premier League and Morecambe has dropped to League Two (equivalent to 4th place) while 7 years ago they were still playing in League One (above one category).  Thus the 1 1/2 handicap is still considered too low.

In addition, at this time, Newcastle had 6 pillars injured, had just experienced a 0-3 defeat against Brighton in the second round of the Premier League a few days ago and had to play the third round at the weekend.

Therefore, it is difficult to expect them to kick off this match, especially when the opponent is too weak.  Newcastle may not be to the point of surrendering (losing to a League Two team is also relatively unsightly) but they just need to win, even if it's hard.

On the other side of the battle line, Morecambe is playing quite well at home: unbeaten 7/9 recent matches (3 wins).  In all, even if we lose, Morecambe promises to make it difficult for Newcastle to not give it all.