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West Brom will stay at The Hawthorns' home to have a welcome to Harrogate in the second round of the English League Cup. Against an opponent only from the League Two playground, it will be an easy match with "Sparrow". Thereby, helping teachers and coaches Slaven Bilić regain confidence after the defeat in the Premier League.

After a good start in the Premier League by beating strong rival Tottenham. Everton players are extremely confident to welcome Salford City in the second round of the English League Cup. In the face of a much less qualified name, of course, it is not difficult for coach Carlo Ancelotti to cut the opponent.

In the framework of 1/32 English League Cup, Burton Albion will have to face a pretty formidable counterpart in the Premier League, Aston Villa. In front of a better-qualified opponent, home field advantage is definitely not enough to help Burton Albion escape a visible defeat.

The host Burton Albion is just a team from the League One playground, so in terms of strength, this name is inherently not appreciated. Last season Burton Albion also finished in 12th place, after bringing 48 points in 35 rounds. Burton Albion is showing a very bad form at the moment. The team playing in the English Division 2 is causing a lot of disappointment. Burton Albion has not won any of the last 5 matches, including 3 draws and 2 losses. Even when playing at home, Burton did not get good results. This team has 4 draws and 1 loss in the last 5 home matches. That poor performance is making fans skeptical of the home team's ambitions. Against the backdrop of a strong opponent like Aston Villa. 

Last season, Aston Villa almost died when 17/20 teams finished the most prestigious playground in foggy football. Even with 35 points, Aston Villa is only 1 point ahead of the relegation group and has to wait until the final round to know it successfully relegated. However, playing in the Premier League, it is clear that Aston Villa is more valued than its opponent. Not to mention Aston Villa is playing very sublimated in recent times. This team has consistently had extremely positive results. Aston Villa has been unbeaten in all 5 recent consecutive matches, including 3 wins and 2 draws. In the head-to-head record, Aston Villa is also outperforming Burton. In the last 5 encounters, Aston Villa has won 3 matches, drew 1 match and lost only 1 match. With that performance.