EFL: Derby vs Reading

After the departure of coach Frank Lampard (leading Chelsea), Derby County is no longer himself in the 2019/20 season (the previous season, they entered playoff round for promotion to Premier League ticket and lose in the final). Under the guidance of coach Phillip Cocu and legendary MU, Wayne Rooney (player and assistant coach), Derby County is only 10th in the final, behind Top 6 (promoted playoff) by 6 points.

However, entering the new 2020/21 season, Derby County still aims to win the right to return to the Premier League playing field. However, they weren't really well prepared, having lost 2 friendlies before the season. Recently, in the first round of the British League Cup, although only having to meet weak opponent Barrow (rookie of the 4th division), Derby County can only win the right to continue after the gunfight on 11m. 

Derby County's opponent in the opening game of the new season is Reading, the team last season ranked 14/24 in the final table. In the first round of the English League Cup, they won 3-1 against the third tier team Colchester United. 

However, with a 1/2 handicap, Derby County is still a brighter choice. The last 2 matches to welcome Reading at home, Derby County both accepted 1/2 and the result won with a score of 2-1.