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EFL: HTAFC vs Forest

All have disastrous results in the opening rounds of the new season. Now both Huddersfield and Nottingham are very thirsty to lift their spirits after a dark time. Whether home advantage will bring a good result for Huddersfield, or Nottingham will make a big surprise at the Kirklees Stadium mecca to engulf the opponent.

In the 2018-2019 season, Huddersfield also participated in the most prestigious playground of English football. However, the poor performance caused this team to be relegated that summer. Stepping down to the English First Division playground, it seemed that inheriting a squad that was still fighting in the previous Premier League would help Huddersfield quickly return. However, the Kirklees Stadium team made the fans unable to help but be disappointed, when they continuously performed a very weak face. Specifically, last season Huddersfield only had 51 points after 46 rounds and took 18th place in the standings. Even Huddersfield is only 3 points ahead of the relegation group. That poor performance even lasted until this year's football season. Specifically, Huddersfield started the season with a defeat against Rochdale in the League Cup playground. Then the army of coach Carlos Corberan continued to embrace before Norwich (0-1) and Brentford (0-3) in the First Division. A very bad performance and even Huddersfield could not score in the last 3 matches.

In the English First Division playground, the Nottingham visitors' team is a club that is highly appreciated for its ability. Of course, they are also a pretty good candidate for the fight for the promotion ticket. Last season, Nottingham unfortunately lost the play-off ticket when finishing seventh with 70 points and just outside the top 6 for being worse in sub-stats. That is also the price to pay for subjectivity and a series of very bad performances at the end of the season. Accordingly, the last 6 rounds of the previous season, Nottingham only knew about draw and lose. That poor performance also lasted until this season. Specifically, Nottingham lost to Barnsley (0-1) in the League Cup. Then the students of coach Sabri Lamouchi continued to embrace before QPR (0-2) and Cardiff (0-2) at the English First Division playground. Just like his opponents, when the last 3 consecutive matches, Nottingham's attack was dumb. In general, the performance of the two teams is not much different. The problem is that Nottingham will have to be a guest of Huddersfield, a field where they have lost both of the last two marches.