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EFL: Nottingham vs Cardiff

On the day of departure, Nottingham was disappointed when he let QPR beat with 2 goals without equalizing. That failure also marked a period where teachers and coach Sabri Lamouchi had an alarming performance. The next round, despite returning home, the encounter with a filthy Cardiff City. Will Nottingham bring me the first points?

Nottingham has just had a very unfortunate season, when they dropped the play-off ticket that seemed to be within reach. Through 46 rounds, they brought me 70 points and ranked 7th in the standings. It is worth mentioning that Nottingham is only outside the top 6 because it is worse than the team ranked above, Swansea in the sub-index. That is a lesson for the subjectivity of the City Ground team. Because before the last 2 rounds took place, they were 6 points ahead of the team behind. However, the loss of the last 2 rounds made Nottingham surpassing. Regrettably losing the play-off ticket, Nottingham also marked a period in which they played with extremely poor performance. In the last 8 consecutive appearances, they won when they drew 3 and lost 5, even with the last 4 failures. Things were even more difficult for Nottingham when they did not have a friendly match last summer. In addition, the home team's forces have not changed much. Honestly, this season will be a lot of challenges that Nottingham will face ahead.

Cardiff City visitors are still a name that is more prized than their opponent in terms of strength. It is clear that the regular presence in the Premier League in the past has partly helped Cardiff City to have a stronger courage. In fact, last season they also got themselves a promotion play-off ticket after finishing 5th place with 73 points. However, it is quite a pity that Cardiff City had to stop when they lost to Fullham with a total of 2-3 after two matches and Fullham was also the team that had a promotion ticket afterwards. Like his opponent, the break was so short that Cardiff City did not have a friendly match last summer. They were even eliminated in the League Cup after losing to a less qualified team, Northampton 0-3. Then, on the opening day of the First Division, Cardiff City was even more disappointing when he fell at home against Sheffield Wed (0-2). In general, Cardiff City's form is also having a lot of problems at the moment. However, with only losing 1 and winning 4 in the last 5 encounters with Nottingham. The basis for Cardiff City to bring about a positive result is very bright.