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EFL: Preston vs Swansea

Preston North End vs Swansea City confrontations are often very unpredictable because home and away factors do not affect too much. However, the home team's performance is more stable and also defeated the opponent in the last meeting. Swansea City will use their advantage to bring victory to kick off the start of the new season.

The head-to-head record of 2 teams in the previous 5 meetings shows that the away team is having better performance with 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, the Away team is having a better head-to-head record so the match Then they are very confident when facing their opponent in the next match, with the advantage of having a higher amount, the visitors come to win the next match.

The performance is quite erratic in recent times, causing Preston to not have a high record, in the last 5 matches they only got 1 win, 3 draws and 1 loss. The promotion goal of this team will face many difficulties because this season there are many competitive teams for promotion with strong investment. The performance of the visitors in the last 5 matches is not good as they have won 3 wins and 2 losses. Their force is quite good with many quality players. So the away team is highly appreciated, the match to the home team accepts the away team 0.25 goals, even though they have to play away from home, but with a pretty good force, it will be more reassuring to trust the visitors.

The attacks of the two teams are playing quite well now, over the last 5 matches, the host has given themselves 7 goals, while the away team is only slightly better, scoring 8 goals, with a good score. Well, the next match promises a very explosive goal from 2 teams.

Preston North End vs Swansea City head-to-head:

The last 3 matches 2 teams have met, Swansea City 1 wins, 2 draws