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EFL: Stoke vs Bristol

Bristol City has always been considered as a jealous rival with Stoke. In the last 3 encounters with Stoke, Bristol City is unbeaten with 2 wins and 1 draw. Further, 7 previous matches against Bristol City, Stoke did not win 5 times (lost 4, drew 1). The last two times as a guest on Stoke's field, Bristol City even won 3 maximum points.

Bristol City is in good shape, 3 matches from the beginning of the season (including 2 matches in the British League Cup), this team has won, scored 8 goals and only 1 time to concede. However, in the upcoming confrontation, Stoke is still ranked above the first time the match appeared on the trading floor. On the first day, Stoke accepted -1/4 under the Asian handicap.

What is even more interesting is that the Stoke -1/4 eating point soon fluctuated in the downward direction. On the contrary, the indexes in Bristol City selection move in an uptrend. On the afternoon of September 19, in order to balance the market, the dealer changed the main match to 0: 1/2. This is also the deepest handicap ever to appear in the confrontations between the two teams.

Bristol City has won all 3 matches since the beginning of the season but those are all 3 matches in which they played at home. When it comes to being a guest, Bristol City continues to disappoint. The last 7 matches away from home, this team has won 6 times with 5 defeats and 1 draw. However, Stoke is now creating confidence in home matches.

In the last 6 matches in the English first division, Stoke won 6 matches. The defense is in very good form, keeping a clean sheet for the last 4 consecutive matches, Stoke is even more confident towards winning the best results in the next 90 minutes of competition.

5 of the 7 previous matches between Stoke vs Bristol City ended with only 2 goals. 9 of Stoke's last 10 games ended with a similar total goal scenario. Eight of Bristol City's previous 11 away games also had less than 2.5 goals. The information is enough to see that Under 2 1/4 is a bright investment channel in the upcoming match.