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EFL: Swans vs Birmingham

Swansea City played great in the sprint phase of the 2019/20 season and that gave them a ticket to promotion play-offs when finishing sixth. However, Swansea City clearly never shows a willingness to go up to play in the highest playground in the country. But that was just the story of last season, and Swansea City is now showing no small determination to do that, but the good results in the opening matches have proved it. On the other side of the front line, Birmingham City is now just a mid-range team in the English First Division and no longer a formidable name for any opponent. They are clearly too high to be relegated, but not enough to rank. Although winning on the day of opening, it is not enough to confirm that Birmingham City will play well in the next matches.

It can be seen that the stone that both Swansea City and Birmingham City are applying are quite similar in the current situation, when both of them actively choose to actively defend and stalk opportunities instead. find ways to control and deploy the game. It is a reasonable tactic for teams with not too strong strength like Swansea City and Birmingham City at the moment and it has been effective in helping both to win victories with the same score 1- 0 on the day of departure. With the correlation between attack and defense of the two teams as mentioned above, the encounter between Swansea City and Birmingham City is now expected to have a poor scenario of goals.

The European Handicap shows the advantage of Swansea City with a 2.05 rate compared to 3.60 on the Birmingham City side. That advantage comes from the fact that Swansea City plays at home and shows a much better level than Birmingham City. Although both are in good form, Swansea City is still appreciated for maintaining that form for a long time. So putting confidence in the homeowner of Swansea City under the European contract at this time will bring more safety.

The head-to-head record is still temporarily on Swansea City with 4 wins out of the last 9 encounters. And with the above analysis of class, gameplay and especially performance, soikeobong.net experts have come to the conclusion that Swansea City will beat Birmingham City with a minimum win, over That continues to increase the gap with the opponent on the head-to-head leaderboard.