The opening round of the English First Division 2020/21 will witness a very special confrontation between Wycombe and Rotherham. The two opponents were both promoted from League One and also understand each other too well. It will be a fateful encounter in which Wycombe will be the dominant name. Because not only do they have home advantage, but the home team Adams Park is also very charming when facing Rotherham.

Last season, Wycombe was also present in the League One playground. They brought themselves 59 points in 34 rounds. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the tournament had to be stopped soon. Therefore, the cancellation of League One and using the average score gives Wycombe an advantage in winning tickets to compete in the English First Division. Of course that is a somewhat lucky result, but undeniably the achievements that Wycombe had in the last season. Before this match, the head-to-head history is completely on Wycombe when this team has won 5 wins, 4 draws in the last 9 matches against Rotherham. At home, Wycombe also won 2 and drew 2 in the last 4 matches to welcome Rotherham. Therefore, the home team Adams Park can completely aim for 3 points in the next match.

With 1.77 average points, Rotherham has ranked 2nd on the rankings according to the score calculation method of the League One playground BTC. Therefore, Rotherham had given himself a direct promotion ticket. In fact, Rotherham also played quite well last season, but the gap with the next group is very small. Therefore, if they continue playing, they are not sure they will still keep their promotion ticket. Because remember, in the last 5 rounds, they only enjoyed the joy once. However, Rotherham showed that they were more prepared when recruiting a range of quality recruits on loan. In the friendly match at the end of August, Rotherham defeated Mansfield 3-0 on away field. Rotherham's away kick ability is not bad when this team won 5, drew 3 and lost only 2 of the last 10 matches away from home.