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Brighton had 2 friendly matches before entering the new season. They held Chelsea in the first match and then continued to draw rookie West Brom. Not too much prosperity in this collective strategy.

Since last season, they have continuously lost points because their attacking ability is too weak. The link between the positions where the midfield is too fragmented. The effort to increase only makes Brighton quickly break the game.

The financial crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic plus the rest between the two seasons was so little that this team did not have much additional force. It's too hard for them to do well.

On the other side of the front line, Chelsea has brought in a total of 7 quality contracts so far. Both attack and defense have increased depth.

The Blues have only 1 friendly match this summer is a 1-1 draw against Brighton. However, that was when coach Frank Lampard replaced the entire squad in the second half to test tactics and give the opportunity to show off for young players.

The good news is that rookie Timo Werner has integrated quite quickly and was the scorer for the Stamford Bridge team in the above match. Injury of Hakim Yizech or Ben Chillwell is not a problem for Coach Lampard.