Before the start of the Premier League 2020/21, the defending champion Liverpool had a perfect run with a victory that overwhelmed Blackpool with a score of 7-2.  However, in the whole summer, Liverpool only won 2 matches and those were innocuous friendly matches.

Notably, the Gunners had 2 draws, respectively, to match Salzburg and Arsenal in the British Super Cup (then lost on the penalty spot 11 meters).

It can be said that The Kop has not been able to regain the best performance drop point.  In addition, the physical problem also makes Coach Kloop a headache when stars like Alexander-Arnold, Van Dijk or Wijnaldum ... cannot reach their best state when they play in the Nations League with the national team.

Coming back to this match, although the opponent is just a rookie promoted to Leeds, but with the current situation, the fans do not put too much expectation on the scenario that Liverpool will have an easy victory with the difference ratio.