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Both are rookies of the Premier League 2020/21.  In particular, Leeds won the championship of the English First Division and Fulham were promoted through the playoff round.  The first round, both have to meet the representatives of the Big Six, so it is completely understandable to both accept defeat.

However, Leeds' defeat was much more "glorious" when he shot 3 goals against defending champions Liverpool at Anfield (3-4) while Fulham lost 0-3 to his neighbor Arsenal at Craven.  Cottage.

Round 2 tonight, Leeds has home advantage and welcomes Fulham, so this is clearly a good opportunity for coach Bielsa and his teachers to win their first victory of the season.  Experts also appreciate Leeds when giving the 3/4 rate, it is even more likely that the main TL will increase by 1 draw.

That is a too positive signal for Leeds, especially in the context that Leeds won only 1/8 of the last Fulham clash.  However, the season before accepting Fulham 3/4 in the First Division, coach Bielsa's team won 3-0.

In terms of TLCA, Leeds Utd has a very good record: winning the last 6/8 matches.  At home Elland Road, they have 9 unbeatable matches (won 7).

Meanwhile, Fulham really revealed a lot of problems in the 0-3 defeat to Arsenal.  That result certainly affected the spirit of teachers and students Scott Parker more or less.  In addition to the pressure on the field, the London capital team is clearly unreliable.