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EPL: Spurs vs NUFC

After losing to Everton on the day of the Premier League, Mourinho and his students proved their strength with a 5-2 victory over Southampton on away field. Notably, all 5 goals of Spurs were only made by 2 people, Son Heung-min (4 goals) and Harry Kane. In particular, the Korean striker became the first Asian player to score 4 goals in the Premier League, and Kane also became the first English player to have 4 assists in a match in the highest league in the country. fog department.

It should be known that Mourinho and his students are under a lot of pressure, even though they were conceded by Southampton first. However, in difficult circumstances, the spirit of "Special One" was promoted. Instead of a 4-2-3-1 tactical scheme, Tottenham faced Southampton with a 4-3-3 chart and even when they were led, they were still consistent with the match set and won the victory. paralysis.

Even through his prime, but Mourinho always knows how to bring beneficial results for the team. And yet, stars like Gareth Bale and talented youngster Reguilon also revealed that they went to Spurs because of Mourinho. Perhaps, competing for the championship with Tottenham is impossible but a place in the top 4 is something they can reach until they are led by Mourinho.

It was thought that "Injecting" would change his life, but the transfer of ownership to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia was shattered. Therefore, from the beginning of the transfer period until now, Newcastle have only got 3 new signings, two of which are in free form are goalkeeper Mark Gillespie and midfielder Jeff Hendrick. It also means that coach Steve Bruce still has to look forward to the names that worked with him last season.

"Injury" has launched the Premier League quite smoothly when beating West Ham with a score of 2-0 at the Olympics. They also reached the third round of the League cup after winning against Blackburn. However, a 0-3 surprise defeat against Brighton in the second round of the Premier League at home pulled Steve Bruce's teachers and students to the ground. This weekend, they will be marching to London as a guest against Tottenham. This is an unpleasant challenge when "Rooster" is extremely excited after the victory over Southampton and is enhanced by quality recruits from the transfer market. Last season, "Shots" won here but at that time, Tottenham was in crisis at the hands of Pochettino. Now, things are very different. Therefore, the difficulty for Newcastle will multiply.

With the arrival of Matt Doherty and Reguilon, Tottenham will launch a brand new full-back this season. If Gareth Bale is completely healed and comes out, try to ask how terrible the attack of the London white team will be when Reguilon and Son Heung-min will sand on the left side, and the opposite corridor is Doherty. and Bale. With 3 central midfielders who are good at intercepting from a distance and are rich in fighting, Hojbjerg, Winks and Ndombele, it is likely that Tottenham will play with a 4-3-3 diagram to facilitate the two wings to attack.

How good Reguilon is, let's review his performance in the Sevilla shirt last season. Doherty is not excellent on the attacking front but is a defensive machine when wearing Wolves. That would be extremely effective if Mourinho allowed Son, Harry Kane and Bale to be freed from their defensive duties. It can be said that Mourinho has people who fit the philosophy he wants to build at Tottenham. All wait to see how "Special One" will assemble to create a new look for "Rooster".

On the Newcastle side, Steve Bruce changed last season's 5-4-1 to a traditional 4-4-2 formation with strikers Carroll and C. Wilson, one who is good at disrupting, and the other is the goal of the balloon lines. For the people who are, "Shuffle" will almost play counterattack against Tottenham. However, Newcastle's flanks are not strong enough to make a difference against Mourinho's well-organized defense. Therefore, the split of the Newcastle striker, like what happened before Brighton, is completely possible again. Apparently, difficulties piled up waiting for teachers and students Steve Bruce in the upcoming confrontation.