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EPL: Spurs vs Saints

Tottenham is of course better than Southampton in every index, from force to historical voice. The harsh reality pointed out that, in the history of participating in the Premier League, it was only Southampton that won… an opening match of the new season at home and that victory was 6 years ago.

In the remaining 20 matches, Southampton drew 10 and lost 10. History also shows that Tottenham has not lost the first 2 matches of the new season for 9 consecutive years. And also for 4 consecutive seasons Spurs did not lose in the first match. 

However, the above statistics will not make much sense in the context that many conspiracy theories are emerging that Jose Mourinho, after publicly "stabbing" with his students, has planted a seed of treason by himself. at Tottenham. Only after a 0-1 defeat to Everton, Mourinho created two personal conflicts. 

He was rebellious student Ben Davies, at the same time also revealed an argument with the princess Dele Alli during the match with Everton. This raises concerns about Chelsea's 2015/16 season tragedy that will recur at Spurs this season.

Five years ago, a Chelsea that was the champions of the Premier League had a bad start to a new season in a confusing way when Swansea drew at home and then lost successively to Crystal Palace and Everton. In all 3 matches, professionals are very confident that Jose Mourinho's Blues will win easily. 

Internally there are problems, Tottenham will find it difficult to kick on Southampton's field
Internally there are problems, Tottenham will find it difficult to kick on Southampton's field

After Mourinho broke off the road that season, many newcomers turned Chelsea's stumbles and analyzed on the basis of conspiracy theories in the direction that Mourinho was trapped by the student. There is no way that a new team a few months ago that had won the Premier League would suddenly play like an amateur.

So after Mourinho unexpectedly criticized the Tottenham team for being lazy leading to the defeat of Everton, he accidentally planted a seed so that the tragedy 2015/16 could recur. That is also the reason why fans and experts are skeptical of Tottenham's ability to win this match.

Moreover, in terms of statistics, Tottenham is not completely better than Southampton. According to Opta, Spurs have been unable to keep a clean sheet against Southampton in 9 consecutive matches, and this is the longest series of matches in Spurs history that cannot be empty against a domestic opponent. This number also heralded Tottenham's ability to concede this match.

There is also another sign leading to the skepticism of Spurs fans. That is how Tottenham lost to Southampton in the last 2/3 Premier League matches. Before this series, Spurs had to go through 15 matches to lose to Southampton twice. Both Tottenham's last two defeats against Southampton took place at St. Stadium. Mary.