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Just before the start of the Premier League 2020/21, Everton brought back 3 quality contracts including Doucouré, Allan and James Rodríguez. Looking at the current team, the Port City team promises to bring many surprises.

However, Everton's rookies will need more time to adapt to the team as well as the English football environment, so the grave is still a bit hesitant when sending faith in coach Ancelotti coach in the match. opening match. 

Things are even more difficult when this is the match Everton must be a guest on the field of formidable opponent Tottenham. Remember, "Rooster" is in good shape when he wins 3 and only lost 1 in 4 pre-season friendly matches.

If you look more broadly, the London team is making progress in terms of performance, especially when playing at home. Specifically, they won 11 matches and lost only 2 in the last 15 home matches in all competitions. With Everton, they also understand the strength of Tottenham when they lost 5 and drew only 2 in the last 7 matches.