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La Liga: Barca vs Villarreal

Barcelona will start the La Liga season in the third round this weekend. This team will have a promising start when welcoming Villarreal.

After huge fluctuations recently, Barcelona is expected a lot in this new season. Fans are curious to know how this team will change. There have been new recruits coming with a change in the coaching position. According to football today , Barcelona is of course the more appreciated team. Playing at the Nou Camp in the next match, Barca will have a great advantage over the opponent. But it is impossible to underestimate Villarreal at this time.

The Golden Submarine is a team with a very unpleasant playstyle. Villarreal also had a new coach, Unai Emery. A person who is no stranger to Spanish football. This team has also made some good additions this season. According to experts, Barcelona vs Villarreal , Villarreal will not be easy to play. However, Barcelona is definitely on the side door truss football betting this match under the so-W88.

Barcelona did not participate in the first two rounds of La Liga. This team is specially given more rest because it has fought to the quarterfinals of C1. This is also a good opportunity for Barcelona to rework the squad and have some experimentation. Barcelona's preparations for the new season look pretty good. Despite many turmoil, the Catalan team still showed a terrifying strength.

Despite the last 2 rounds, Barcelona has had 3 consecutive matches recently. And this team also won all 3 matches. A pretty positive sign for Barcelona even though their opponents are only weak teams. According to Spanish football , Barcelona may find it a bit difficult to catch up. But they will still be the team that will dominate the next match at the Nou Camp.

Unlike Barcelona, ​​Villarreal played in the first two rounds of La Liga. And this team also had acceptable performances. The change in the coach seat did not affect Villarreal's play much. However, Unai Emery's coach team has yet to show stability. The players have not shown a top level yet. 

In the first two rounds, Villarreal was unbeaten in both matches. In which, this team had 1 draw and 1 win. Notably, these are both consecutive home matches. Villarreal's ability to play away from home this season still leaves a question mark. According to Barcelona vs Villarreal , the visitors are difficult to create surprises in the next match.