On FIFA's latest national team rankings, Albania ranks 66 and Belarus ranks 87. But in terms of confrontation, Albania is not superior to Belarus.  Specifically, in the last 5 encounters, Albania only won 1 while Belarus won 2. In which 2 times as a guest in Belarus, Albania did not even score any goals.

In fact, after making history (taking part in a major tournament for the first time: Euro 2016 finals), Albanian football could not use it as a fulcrum to reach new heights.  They were unable to win tickets to the 2018 World Cup finals and most recently the Euro 2020 finals (Euro 2021 to be exact because the next year will not take place).

Remember that there are two ways to win tickets to the Euro 2020 finals: through the qualifiers and through the Nations League 2018/19.  However, on both roads, Albania played badly.  Specifically, they only ranked 4th out of 6 teams in Group H qualifying for Euro 2020 (the top 2 teams with tickets to the finals) and in Nations League 2018/19, Albania was only at the bottom of Group 1 League C, so there was no chance to enter.  playoff round to win tickets for Euro 2020 finals,

Meanwhile, at present, Belarus has a very cohesive collective.  In addition, the Belarus League continued to take place even during the Covid-19 outbreak across Europe, so the players always had a good feeling of the ball.

In the two recent friendlies, Belarus defeated Uzbekistan and Bulgaria (with the same score 1-0) despite being a guest.  As for the Nations League opening match 2020/21, Belarus has home advantage, so they are more confident towards victory.

Besides, due to Covid-19, Albania did not have a single match in the past 9 months.  The league was also interrupted so it is clear that all are against Albania in this match.