At Johan Cruyff ArenA, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Poland has just won at home and will welcome Italy a 1-1 draw against Bosnia. Whether the Netherlands has interrupted 5 consecutive games without winning the opponent since 2009 to date to build the first place firmly. Or Italy will retake the position from the opponent for first-time victory

The Netherlands was a bit tough but ultimately beat Poland for the day without away team's main striker Robert Lewandowski in the squad. However, the Orange Tornado is proving to be no longer himself after the departure of coach Ronald Koeman while the interim assistant has not shown a match in his approach to the game or the deployment of tactics. Even if there was not the ungainly that the Polish players showed, it is unlikely that the Netherlands would have been fortunate to have 3 points in this opening match. Having to play according to a new tactical philosophy makes it difficult for the Netherlands to reach the opponent's goal and to score goals, while the defense under Virgil van Dijk is still playing very concentrated and sure. Meanwhile, playing together in a short time is also making the strikers on the Azzurri side out of rhythm and have not found each other on the field. With that correlation, The encounter between the Netherlands and Italy is now expected to have a less goal scenario. The advantage for the Netherlands when playing at home will help them get 3 full points while Italy cannot win on the day of departure.

If counted further, Italy is the team that has the advantage in terms of form and form, not to mention that the Netherlands is still having trouble after the replacement process, so putting your faith in the draw will bring safety. than. The series of 11 consecutive victories in all Italian arenas ended after they let Bosnia draw on the day of departure. Although they have won 10 absolute victories in the Euro 2020 qualifiers when they entered the UEFA Nations League arena, they still could not show their charm. Confrontation achievements are still temporarily inclined to Italy with 3 wins out of the last 7 encounters. And with the above analysis of class, play style and especially performance, experts have made the assumption that the Netherlands will be difficult to improve that achievement when they cannot beat Italy in their match. continue to be hard to score.