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Nations League: Romania vs N Ireland

Romania and Northern Ireland are in group 1, League B UEFA Nations League 2020/21 and 2 other teams are Austria and Norway. In general, the level and level of these 4 teams are very similar. In the opening match, Romania played at home and welcomed Northern Ireland, opponents they were unbeaten in 3 previous encounters (won 2, drew 1).

In the Euro 2020 qualifiers, both played unsuccessfully and did not have a ticket to the finals, but the opportunity was not over for both when they both attended the playoff round to win tickets thanks to their achievements in the UEFA Nations League 2018 / 19. More precisely, only Romania deserved that opportunity because they ranked 2nd in Group 4 League C (being promoted to League B after FIFA increased the number of participating teams, but initially only the top team was promoted). 

Meanwhile, Northern Ireland is at the bottom of Group 3 of League B (including 3 teams), even without any points (losing all 4 matches), but because the teams entitled to attend the playoff round in League B have direct tickets to Euro 2020 finals through qualifying that new opportunities come to Northern Ireland.

Plus the home advantage that Romania accepts 1/2 in this match, even the original main rate is only 1/4. That increase seems to show that the home side is very reliable in this match. 

In addition, it should be noted that Romania is conducting a force rejuvenation revolution. In this gathering, they called for 6 rookies who have not once played for the national team, 12 people with less than 10. appearances in such a context, but still accepting 1/2, there is clearly no doubt about Romania.