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Nations League: Turkey vs Hungary

4 years ago, Hungary had risen to 18th place in FIFA's national team rankings, their highest ranking since FIFA launched in 1992. However, the Eastern European team is currently only 52nd, 23 ranks behind Turkey.

Although the FIFA rankings are unlikely to accurately reflect the force relationship between the two sides, it is clear that the strong drop in rank within 4 years also proves the decline of Hungary. Plus the home advantage is completely understandable when Turkey accepts 3/4 of this match. 

Before the opening match of Group B UEFA Nations League 2020/21, Hungary lost the last 5/6 matches, including 3 away matches. In terms of TLCA, they have lost the last 6 matches, including a 3/4 handicap like this match. 

With Turkey, this team is having a series of 8 unbeaten home games (6 wins). In particular, Senol Gunes teachers and students once defeated both the champions of the World Cup, France in the Euro 2020 qualifiers. They also won tickets to the Euro 2020 finals (delayed to the next year by Covid-19).

While Hungary can only win the right to participate if it passes the playoff round (for high-performing teams in the Nations League 2018/19. This is an important purpose when UEFA organizes the Nations League tournament by passing the country. Here, teams can win tickets to the finals of major tournaments, not just through qualifying)