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Wasn't it just Super Bowl LIV ? It is believed that the 7 month break in the NFL will last forever. Then there is a pandemic, everything will be different and bang: the 2020 season is already imminent. The league still wants to start normally - despite Corona. So let's think positively and look ahead. I do that here every year with a look at the “Record & Fact Book of the NFL”. This is a big book for NFL journalists, in which all NFL facts and statistics for the new season are recorded.

NFL Facts 2020 - Title

The Record & Fact Book is a little thinner this year than last year - almost 30 pages less, but still over 870 pages of NFL facts and statistics about what to expect in the 101st NFL season. For non-journalists there is a slightly stripped-down version . When printed out, the booklet would look nice on the bedside table or next to the television while watching football. The first pages also show which game is planned at what time, which broadcaster it is running on and you can even enter the results!

The most beautiful NFL facts 2020

Most of all, though, it's fun to scroll through the many stats, facts and opportunities that could come in the 2020 NFL season. Tom Brady is of course a big topic. For example, with 16 more starts for Tampa Bay, he could become the quarterback with the most starts in history. Or, with 3 wins, achieve the most that an NFL player has ever achieved. Patrick Mahomes could become the first quarterback to pass 10,000 yards in 35 games or less! Adrian Peterson could jump to number 3 on the all-time rushing touchdown list.

This is only a very small selection. We all know that the NFL keeps statistics for pretty much every body movement. But there is also a lot to learn between the lines. Head coach Bill Bellichick has more than twice as many postseason wins (31) than Matt LaFleur from Green Bay, for example , has achieved a total of 14 wins. Bellichick is still a little short of ousting the legendary Don Schula from the number 1 coach with the most wins.

NFL Draft Facts

Because of the corona pandemic, the NFL Draft 2020 was not the spectacle that we otherwise know. But when Commissioner Roger Goodell announced the picks from his basement, defensive backs were drawn the most - 49 times. It feels like the position of the quarterback is always much more prominent. This follows in these NFL statistics in 9th place. Yes, that is also noted in the “Record & Fact Book 2020”. Just like the college that sends the most players into the NFL: Louisiana State at 14.

On the more than 870 pages of NFL facts, you don't just look ahead - there are also many exciting figures from the past season. The offense of the Baltimore Ravens made the most first downs in the league - 386. Washington was at the bottom with 248. Another nice thing: The offensive of the Carolina Panthers and the New York Jets each achieved 2 safeties. 18 other teams weren't so lucky. It gets even more exciting with the many league statistics: