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Serie A: Crotone vs Milan

In the framework of round 2 - the Italian National Championship. There will be a very remarkable match between Crotone vs AC Milan. The focus will still be "senior" Ibrahimovic with impressive form.

Crotone just promoted this season and they are the little-known team of Italian football. In the opening match of Serie A, the rookie team also soon realized the "fierce" of this tournament. Crotone lost 1-4 on the field of the team that last season was still struggling to relegate, Genoa. So enough to understand how difficult they will have to face if they face a club of TOP like AC Milan?

In the history of the last 5 matches, Crotone has never won AC Milan. They drew 2 and lost 3 matches. In the last 5 matches in all competitions, the home team won 2, drew 1 and lost 2 matches. Their performance is also not high. 

After the first round of the match, Crotone did not have a score, had a -3 difference, so he quickly fell to the bottom of the Serie A rankings. In the context of such poor performance, they did not take anything out to but hope to earn points against AC Milan.

Since Ibrahimovic arrived at AC Milan last season, this team has played extremely impressive. The arrogance and temperament of the 38-year-old Swedish senior raised the level of a Milan team. They won 6th place last season, synonymous with a ticket to the European Cup of C2. The high form continued until the beginning of the season this year. 

In the first round of Serie A, AC Milan won an easy 2-0 victory over Bologna in a day "talented ... young" Ibrahimovic continued to double. However, the bad news for coach Pioli recently, Zlatan ibrahimovic has been identified positive for Covid-19 and will stop this match.

Anyway, the army led by coach Pioli is maintaining incredible stability. In the last 10 matches in all competitions alone, "the red half of Milan" is still unbeaten with 9 wins. At this time, they are in the air with 3 points and climbed to No. 3 on the Serie A rankings. A team like Crotone is clearly not a worthy opponent.