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Serie A: I Rossoneri vs Bologna

Last season, AC Milan made some positive changes, led by coach Pioli. Specifically, the Rossoneri finished sixth in the Italian league and got a ticket to attend the C2 Cup arena this season.

Back to the present time, AC Milan is considered by the fans to be one of the brightest candidates for the top 4 positions. summer transfer.

In fact, the grave has partly witnessed the strength of the San Siro team in a series of friendly matches ahead of the season. In detail, Ibrahimović and his teammates won all four friendlies in the summer and were separate victories. In the middle of last week, they added a 2-0 victory at Shamrock Rovers' field in the qualifying round of the European Cup C2.

Based on its impressive performance and outstanding squad, AC Milan is confident to win all 3 points in the opening match of the Italian National Championship 2020/21 against Bologna. Remember, Bologna is considered a favorite prey for AC Milan when they won 8 and drew only 1 in the last 9 matches - in which they won 5-1 in their last match.