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Super Trophy: Bayern vs Sevilla

Bayern Munich and Sevilla are two of the most impressive teams in Europe at the moment. Gray is currently the defending champion of the Champions League 2019/20. Also at that time, Sevilla overcame Inter Milan to crown the championship in the Europa League arena.

With the above results, Bayern Munich and Sevilla are two names present in the European Super Cup match. According to the assessment, Bayern Munich is the name that investors appreciate the ability to bring the traditional European Super Cup title. Easy to understand because they are a group that owns both the class and the outstanding quality of the squad.

If counted in all participating fields, Gray Lobster has 28 unbeaten matches in all competitions (won 27 and drew only 1). Just before the Super Cup match, Bayern Munich had a perfect run with the victory crushing Schalek with the score of 8-0.

For his part, Sevilla is living in good days when he was crowned for the 6th time in the C2 Cup. But compared to Bayern's Champions League record, Sevilla's victory is clearly unmatched. It should also be noted, Sevilla just broke up with a series of important pillars in the summer transfer window and they will need more time to regain a stable form.