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UEL: Shkendija vs Spurs

The big difference in all aspects between the two teams in this match is obvious.  Shkendija is the representative of North Macedonia with a weak average football background in the old continent.  While Tottenham is the big name of the Premier League, Europe's top league.

Therefore, even as a guest, no one believes that Spurs will lose the match and have to break up from the Europa League right from the third qualifying round. The only concern is how Spurs will win.

Because of having to attend the Europa League 2020/21 from the second qualifying round, the Premier League also started, not even the English League Cup (Carabao Cup) is going on, so at this moment, Tottenham is the team that is the hardest  Misty country when playing with a density of 3 days / match from now until ... mid-October.

Therefore, even the Spurs squad is not to the extent of poor depth, but Mourinho is still forced to have a reasonable calculation.  In fact, it was also fortunate for Tottenham when a few days ago, the match in the third round of the British League Cup was postponed due to many opponent players infected with Covid-19.  Therefore, the Tottenham army can march to Macedonia with no more exhausted physical condition.

However, this weekend, Tottenham will have to play the third round of the Premier League 2020/21 (next to Newcaslte at home), so even though the strategist is relatively cautious, Mourinho probably still has to give many pillars rest.  In the first place, Shkendija is clearly not so disturbing that the Portuguese military leader has to use "genuine goods".

Mourinho inherently has never liked "beautiful wins, full wins" so he has more reason to just win Shkendija lightly to win the right to continue, so that "team B" is also capable of completing.  mission.