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The US Open tennis tournament 2020 has just passed the 7th day of the men's singles and women's singles events. 

Men's singles

Without Federer and Nadal in the men's singles, Djokovic is expected to have the 18th Grand Slam in his career to close the gap with Federer (20) and Nadal (19).

Any doubt, Djokovic "shot himself in the leg" by hitting the ball on the neck of the referee, so he was eliminated, making Big-3 no longer represented at the US Open 2020.

Women's singles

In the women's singles, the focus is on Serena Williams, even though she is not the No. 1 seed. The Williams sisters are aiming for the 24th Grand Slam women's singles championship, Court's record. Serena's potential rival is easily Naomi Osaka in the other branch and Sofia Kenin in the same branch.