Boxing: Loma vs Lopez

After long negotiations, the great unification battle between Vasiliy Lomachenko (World Champion of the WBA, WBO and "Franchise Champion" of the WBC) and Teofimo Lopez (World Champion of the IBF) is now in the starting blocks.

Boxing fans around the world have been waiting for this news: On October 17th, the long-awaited duel for the lightweight crown will finally take place.  Ukrainian superstar Vasiliy Lomachenko (14-1-0, 10 KOs) will meet up-and-coming KO machine Teofimo Lopez (15-0-0, 12 KOs) at the MGM Grand Conference Center.  In principle, it had been clear since the end of 2019 that this would happen, but the Corona crisis thwarted the plan to unite titles.

Usually this fight would actually also be about all belts of the four world associations, whereby one could choose an undisputed world champion.  But the WBC had already watered this down from the start with the decision to appoint Lomachenko as a so-called "Franchise Champion".  At the same time they lead Devin Haney as regular world champion of their association.

The protagonists shouldn't care about this, because this is a personal matter.  For weeks and months Lomachenko and Lopez have repeatedly expressed their mutual dislike.  So also in her statements on the occasion of the now fixed event:

Lomachenko: “Teofimo Lopez can talk as much as he wants.  He's very good at that.  He hasn't done anything in the past two years other than giving my name.  I'm a fighter and my goal is to win another title.  When we step into the ring in Las Vegas, he'll feel my fists and pay for his words.  I will be the better man and take four titles with me to Ukraine. "

Lopez: “I'm going to beat up Lomachenko and take his title away, it's easy.  I'm coming to Las Vegas to make history.  I don't like the guy and I'll have fun when Lomachenko's face bears the marks of my hands.  The takeover is imminent and the reign of Lomachenko, the little diva, is coming to an end. "

So the fans can expect a real blockbuster.  It has not yet been determined whether the fight will also be shown on TV or on one of the streaming platforms in this country.

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