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Bundesliga: BVB vs S04

Since the beginning of the season until now, Schalke has completely lost to his neighbor Dortmund. Therefore, the graves are inclined to the scenario Schalke will be the name to receive the derby defeat in the Ruhr region in the 5th round of the German National Championship. 

Remember, Schalke only got 1 draw and received 3 defeats, thereby standing at the penultimate position on the standings. Meanwhile, Dortmund has a record opposite to 3 wins and 1 defeat, currently ranked third.

But given the stressful nature of a derby, all the statistics are only symbolic and it is difficult to say that Dortmund will be the name to have the joy of winning.

In recent seasons, Schalke has played erratically and has gradually been absent from the championship-competing group of the German league. But with Dortmund alone, "Blue Emperor" is still a huge counterweight. The proof is that Dortmund only won 2, drew 5 and lost 2 of the last 9 matches against Schalke in the domestic league. 

Looking at the above statistics and adding the low morale when losing 1-3 to Lazio in the European Cup a few days ago.