DFB CUP: FCD vs Bayern

The team that is drawn to Bayern in the Champions League knockout round must shake their head and stick out their tongue. But with FC Duren, playing against Bayern can be considered a blessing for the small team near the border with France. This young team will be competing against the champions of the Champions League, to celebrate the rare 90th minute of breathing the atmosphere of the top league (compared to the angle of this club). 
FC Duren is only playing in the German 5th place, of course too small for a great Bayern. This team in the town of Duren, located on the Ruhr river, has just been established at the end of 2017. 

FC Duren's stadium is not qualified to host the match in the National Cup, so despite being staged. home to Bayern, but FC Duren borrowed the Gray Lobster's Allianz Arena to host this match. 

Most of the Bayern players still have not returned to the club after the national team, the Gray Lobster will have to use many young players and reserve. That is also a certain positive aspect, because new players like Douglas Costa need to get acquainted with the team gradually before entering the next intense matches in the Bundesliga and Champions League. 

In 2009/10, Bayern had almost won the treble if they did not have to lose to Inter in the Champions League final. But winning the National Cup that season under the leadership of coach Louis van Gaal helped Bayern gradually change the way of thinking about this tournament. In the past 11 seasons, Bayern has always reached the minimum semi-finals of the National Cup, in which there are 6 crowns. 

However, Bayern only played with maximum strength and concentration when entering the inner rounds, having to meet opponents of the Bundesliga class. FC Duren of course does not belong to that level, Gray Lobster only considers 90 minutes tonight as a gentle training game. 

As for FC Duren, just scoring a goal against the home of the Champions League champions (including many reserve players) is a great honor for this small team. This is not a game to expect Bayern to win strongly!

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